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I said it was the nothing to do button. Elsewere, you have fallen....

You're the 219tb dupe fall here.

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Invitado at 2012-12-16 21:04:28 utc:
Salomon,Both your points are valid.I'd say that neokotbs, sale points and other devices are irrelevant the question I raise is around smartphones (otherwise, Windows Mobile/CE would have a lot more devices sold in its belt).I'd ask how do you relate to the fact that the iPhone is so great? When one company focuses on their single platform, they end up having a better product.As Android runs the risk of getting fragmented due to vendors wanting to differentiate from each other, its stability and feature set might suffer. This may cause consumers to lose interest.
Invitado at 2012-09-30 04:43:43 utc:
The UTC is very useful in two reptecss:- As a final checklist: once my app had finished in house testing, it was run through the UTC just to double check. It does not take long to do this.- Some guidelines are given that make the app consistent to the user. For example, on touch screens, one tap or two taps to bring up the keyboard? UTC had this in the document. So all UTC apps can provide a consistent user experience. That is valuable.As to submitting for 3rd party testing. That was not really a good experience. Firstly I had to do a screenflow diagram in one JPEG. My app has many screens, and one JPEG is really not enough. Hopefully this has changed now.I submitted to one company who replied that they were not prepared to test the app as they were Sony Ericsson only. When the device I had tested on was Nokia. So I tried another company, who weren't very responsive. In the end I gave up, bought Thawte and Verisign certificates and submitted to Sony and Nokia directly. They tested it very well, and highlighted issues with certificates on certain devices, memory issues on others, which helped me fine tune the range of handsets I could support. The latter is the toughest. I subscribed to deviceanywhere to gain access to many handsets, this was expensive, and the handsets on offer did not really cover all the handset categories Nokia and Sony Ericsson have in their submission process.
Invitado at 2011-08-09 03:25:40 utc:
Son of a gun, this is so helpufl!
Invitado at 2011-08-08 18:21:30 utc:
That's really thninkig out of the box. Thanks!
aguestard at 2010-04-30 10:28:21 utc:

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