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Registered users' services

In order to use personalized services you have to be registered. In this way we can identify you and you can manage them.

Personalized users services are:

All things are completly free, only 5 minutes registration.

In order to register you must follow this steps:

  1. In User box in the top right, press New user button.
    new user step 1
    *Press image to enlarge

  2. Fill coloured field untill all become green. Don't forget to fill CAPTCHA field, in the bottom, just before Create user button.
    new user step 2
    *Press image to enlarge

  3. If all is OK, it will appear a green message. In other cases, it will appear a red error message. If there are some warnings, user will be created, but it's possible that some info might loose. I'll look for it if you tell me. You can see it in your profile, too.

To login with your user:

  1. In User box in the top right fill your user and password fields and press Login button.
    Login step 1
    *Press image to enlarge

  2. If all is OK box will change and wellcome you. Buttons will change to Profile, to see and edit your profile, and Logout, to close your session.
    Login step 2
    *Press image to enlarge

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