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I said it was the nothing to do button. Elsewere, you have fallen....

You're the 290tb dupe fall here.

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Alkibiades,VD posited an agreave IQ of 91 for teachers? Do you have a link to that post by chance? It seems impossibly low.In doing something similar with SAT scores by declared area of study, I estimated those going into education as having an agreave IQ of 99.3--right in the middle of the road. But roughly half of those kids won't make it through to graduation. One-quarter of the US adult population has a BA or higher, while virtually all "educational professionals" do. Even though the correlation between post-secondary education and intelligence has , for the agreave teacher to be around 30th percentile of all adults strains credulity.Anon,There are a high number of really sharp teachers (not that raw intelligence necessarily means great pedagogical skills, nor does low intelligence preclude it, especially at the pre-college level), with nearly one-fifth of white educational professionals scoring a perfect 10 on the Wordsum test, compared to only 5.5% of the population at large.Anon,Right, we can either have blacks and Hispanics underrepresented but relatively indistinguishable from whites and Asians in cognitively demanding positions or blacks and Hispanics equally (or even overrepresented) but of noticeably lower quality than whites and Asians in the similar positions, but we cannot have both.

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