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Autoadjustable digital clock widget

Code, widgets and gadgets for integration

This is the completely customizable digital clock widget that, also, resize himself to fit maximum widget size.

You can integrate your digital clock with any of these methods:

Blogger or Blogspot
Other Google services (like iGoogle)
Wordpress integration (not valid on wordpress.com free ones)
JavaScript integration digital clock

Blogger or Blogspot:

1. Go to Blogger and access your account. You'll see your control panel. Press "Design" button of the blog you want to add the digital clock.

Add a Digital Clock to Blogger, Step 1

2. In the new screen, select "Add a gadget" link in your preferred location.

Add a Digital Clock to Blogger, Step 1

3. In gadgets screen, choose "Add your own" option.

Add a Digital Clock to Blogger, Step 1

4. Now, write this url:
In the text field. Press "ADD BY URL" button.

Add a Digital Clock to Blogger, Step 1

5. Now you can see the digital clock configuration screen. You can change fonts, colors, etc. Sometime changes doesn't apply in this screen, but they do in your blog. Press "Add" button to end the process. Now you have the digital clock in your blog.

Add a Digital Clock to Blogger, Step 1

Other Google services (like iGoogle):

Add a custom URL gadget using this one in a process similar to the previous one

You can also load it following this link: +Google

Wordpress integration (not valid on wordpress.com free ones):

1. Go to your Wordpress admin area: yoursite/wp-admin and access your admin area.

2. Access to Apperance menu, Widgets submenu.

Add widget to Wordpress, Step 1

3. In Widgets screen, drag a text widget to desired place (usually sidebar), write a title and copy JavaScript integraton result on text area. Remember to NOT mark "Automatically add paragrahs" and click Save button.

Add widget to Wordpress, Step 2

JavaScript integration digital clock:

You can integrate a Digital Clock Widget in your web site with only a JavaScript line. Fill this wizzard and copy reultant code in your web site.

Default value (empty): 200px

Default value (empty): 75px

Text color:
Default value (empty): green

Background color:
Default value (empty): transparent

Fonts (comma separated):
Default value (empty): Fixed width fonts


Choose one

Choose one

Whith above data, script line is:

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