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Joined: 03/10/2006
Un upper left menu you can find the new widget, digital clock.

It's google gadgets or small JavaScript integrable widget. Its features:
  • We choose its size. Numbers fit automatically to available area.
  • Several modes: am/pm, 24 hours...
  • Text color selection
  • Background selection
  • Font selection
  • Bold selection
  • It doesn't need anything in your server.

It's available at blogger since little days ago and it's resulting very well. Put comments in this news' comments.

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Joined: 03/10/2006
I'm thinking about what to do, and ask for your comments:

1) Improve actual pages & instructions.

2) Improve existing gadgets (comment)

3) Create new gadgets (comment)

4) (try to) translate existing gadgets to more languages (I'll need help).

5) Other (comment).

Post your comments here.

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I've ported naguissa.com 's TagBoards to this web, but with a big improvement:
  • New design.
    • Nick and date are now upper side, in small font.
    • Thre's two colors to delimit posts.
    • Improvement at loading, OK and error icons.
  • Now, to create a customized room you have to be registered user. This let us manage our TagBoard:
    • Posts can be deleted (when logged in, we view stricken text, but it isn't loaded ever more).
    • In this web site, we can change max hours (max one week) or max posts (max 100) of our TagBoard.
    • We can change your TagBoard config everytime just editing it.
    • Only TagBoard's owner has access to management panel.
  • It has been technically improved:
    • There's a deactivation checkbox. It stops loading XML data from server and remember state for all TagBoards
    • XML data has been reduced.
    • XML data has been compressed, too. Extreme server load for the benefits.
    • When a user is logged in at dwebresources.com, TagBoard rememeber his nickname and, if he doesn't change it, makes a link to his profile in it.

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Welcome to dwebresources.com.

Here I'll compilate web site resources I'll make. Initially I'll use resources from my other web site, www.naguissa.com, from what I get initial contruction tools, toolkit and utilities.

This web has limited collaboration. You can't post news, you can only reply to an existing one.

Original users from naguissa.com have been ported, you can access all your data.

This web has been designed using UTF-8 General charset. All tools are reviset and works with every utf-8 supported characters, as arabic, chinese, japanese, greek, german, etc.

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